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Appointment Booking

Booking an appointment before your visit is required to ensure that we have a fitting room and consultant available to help you. We recommend booking your weekend appointment a minimum of two weeks in advance to guarantee an appointment. Please contact the store if you are unable to make your appointment.

Please note: to schedule a same-day appointment at our boutique, email or call 519.979.9455

We recommend limiting your viewing party and allowing approximately 1.5 to 2 hours for your appointment.

Please let us know the number of guests in your viewing party that you are bringing so that we can arrange seating and accommodate your appointment accordingly.

You can expect a phone call or email from us to finalize your appointment details.

In the Store

All guests to the store will be required to take off their footwear upon entry. We provide slippers for optional use, and guests are welcome to bring their own slippers and/or socks if they prefer. 

If you will be trying on a dress, please bring the undergarments that you feel necessary to try on a dress. At minimum, underwear will be required. 

All food and drinks are required to be left at the front desk. 

Please handle the sample gowns with care.


For any accommodations and requests, please contact the store beforehand so we can arrange your appointment to your needs.

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