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Midnight Munchies


Welcome back #BridalCoutureBrides <3

As I sat at my computer trying to decide the topic of this week’s blog post, I couldn't help letting my mind wander to every wedding guests’ favourite part of the evening: The Midnight Buffet, or as we like to call it, The Midnight Munchies. Maybe it was the constant rumble in my stomach since I hadnt eaten breakfast yet that helped influence my weekly topic selection, but as they say, the stomach wants what it wants… am I right? 😬

It's no secret that wedding receptions are a party, fully equipped with sweaty (😅), tired, and hungry guests. After a long night of dancing and celebrating, this can leave your family and friends exhausted. What better way to fuel their energy than with some classic, deep-fried, calorie packed munchies! Below, I have picked out our favourite Midnight Munchie ideas that our family at Bridal Couture personally love and think your guests would too!

Disclaimer: this blog post is not meant to be read on an empty stomach!

  1. Churro Bar

2. Tacos

3. Custom Gelato Cart

4. Mini Pizzas

5. Your Favourite Fast Food Choice

6. Pretzels

7. Popcorn

8. Grilled Cheese

9. S'mores Bar

10. Charcuterie Spread



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